Why Trollers do what they do

November 10, 2011

Trolling has become of nearly every website on the web where people can come together for a group discussion on serious and general matters. People who are just there to create nuisance and disturb the peace between other users are usually known as trollers, or snerts.

It is not a definite term but more a popular term which has become associated with such people just like the term “Viral”, trolling is another concept having spread through rigorous use. Some people would ask that why do some users do what they do? There are a few simple theories regarding that query.

1. Lack of Exposure

People who do not go out in public to much usually develop such a habit to find attentions. Since they are not well versed with interacting with the general population, they make such derogatory to experiment with their low communication skills and in return play with emotions and feelings of the users.

2. Power 

Power is always attractive and everyone always wishes of gaining power in any possible way. Troller are the same as everyone else, they think they will get power over the others by opting for ways that are always wrong and create problems. Because of their low level of knowledge and lack of abilities to integrate with the outer world, these Snerts seek power in the form of disrespect and fighting.

There may be many other reasons to why trollers do what they do and why they do it. There can never be one main reason for somebody’s doings since everyone is different in mind and nature.¬†There is no sure way to stop them and it is not of such importance either because good and bad people are everywhere, it is just the way they treat each other and the people around them that makes them different.

There is no denying that trolling has become the absurd way of popularizing yourself via funny commenting and stupid kinds of jokes online. That is why it shouldn’t have been promoted on the web, because it immensely hurts your hearts. Rather, a perfect way is to come on the social media forum and discuss the real knowledge and share the profitable information with the people over the World Wide Web. This will generate the quality of traffic; you are looking for it, eventually.

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